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About Us

Surjadaya Yuba Sangha is a non-profit organisation, established in 1997 that works primarily in the domain of Child & Youth Development.
Since 1997 Surjadaya Yuba Sangha has been working with various welfare activities like Social, Cultural, Agricultural, Environmental, Educational, Health, Plantation, and allied agricultural and more....

Our Objects

Socio Economic Development :-

To promote socio economic development activities at rural & urban area. To work for socio economic empowerment of the women by ensuring participation of woman in all level. To take steps for agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry , fishery, medical herbal plants etc. for the development of rural poor people and hereby encourage them to take up livelihood independently.

Health & Educational Awareness :-

To facilitate marginalized community in accessing formal, non formal, vocational, technical, non technical education through different modes targeting the most deprived vulnerable children & woman , To organize various awareness programs, camps, workshop, seminar among all level/community to be aware related to good health, safe drinking water, hygiene sanitation in the remote rural area. To organize awareness program for various epidemic in the rural/urban area. To support to emergency medical aid to poor/needy people. To encourage all level/community to keep environment clean & green.

Sports & Youth Welfare :-

To facilitate human resource development at all level, provide all sorts of service for needy people among all communities. To generate the self employment opportunities. To organize entrepreneurship training to educated youth ( by Resource Person) among all communities. To oraganise various competition for different sports for encouraging youth for their upliftment in the field of sports as much as possible.

Arts & Culture Promotion :-

To take steps for cultural enrichment of the region and to give a global view, organize workshop, seminar on development of various Art & Culture. To organize various competition for Art & Culture to promote ethnic Art & Culture of north east. To promote local folk song, dance and culture among different communities in the rural area.

Rural Development :-

To organize various awareness program (Legal, Social ,Vocational education, health, sports, culture, self employment etc.) among all level/community. To take steps for agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, forestry, fishery, herbs, plantation etc. for the development of rural poor people and hereby encourage them to take up livelihood independently. To organize awareness camp for safe drinking water sanitation, mental/physical good health among BPL family. To develop village road, cremation ground, road side plantation, clean & swachh public area etc. To assist the shelter lass/old age people.

To work with mentally ill persons providing facilities with treatment and rehabilitation.

The organization will work for the welfare of all types of disabled persons.

The organization will sorts of welfare and services to all communities irrespective of castes, creed and community.

The organization will try to setup, Swadhar Project, Day Care Centre, working women Hostel, Short Stay Home, Creche Centre, Step, Ujala Project, Mobile Medicare unit, No institutional service centre and such like other allied scheme.

To establish Drug De-addiction centre and observed awareness generation programme to improve our society from evils of drug addiction and prevention of Alcoholism.

The organization will try to set up Old age Home ( Senior Citizen Home) and other Service Centre for the welfare of Older person.

To provide protection to women who are victims of violence of any kind occurring within the family (Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Verbal abuse, Emotional abuse & Economic abuse etc ). Harassment to meet any unlawful dowry demand.

Adopt Need Base welfare programme for SC/ST and Other Backward classes to improve the Economic, Culture, Health & Environment Education etc.

To provide free Medical Treatment and Aid for the ST, SC,OBC, MOBC and Poor people living in rural area through Girls & Boy’s Hostel/School etc.

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